The WaterComms Model prioritizes the well-being of people in developing countries. WaterComms is a new approach to water facility maintenance, recognizing that reliable and safe drinking water has broader implications on public health, well-being and  economic development.

WaterComms realizes that long-term sustainability of water facilities depends on local ownership and responsibility. WaterComms is a platform that serves the needs of those who own water facilities, while in parallel creating better business conditions for local technical-service providers.




Yuval Ziv
Founder and CEO

Yuval’s passion is to foster international and trans-cultural cooperation by dealing with real-life problems such as lack of access to safe water. His expertise is in designing interdisciplinary processes, integrating human and technological factors into sustainable systems and organizational development. Yuval holds an M.Sc. in Integrated Natural Resource Management from HU-Berlin and a B.A. in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dorit Matmon, PhD
R&D and Hydro-Geology Advisor

Dorit has more than 25 years of experience as a Water Resources Specialist, mainly groundwater. 

Dorit's motivation is to help people and the planet; by keeping our water sources sustainable, people can have safe water and the environment be protected.

As a hydrogeologist, Dorit worked on researches related to groundwater hydrology and groundwater pollution. She managed and participated in many projects of  aquifer management, water resources evaluation and development, water resources master plans, design and supervised of water wells, groundwater pollution and remediation.

Dorit worked on water projects in Israel, Ethiopia, Kenya, Venezuela, Peru, Romania among others.

Yair Perry
Design and Marketing

Yair is an experienced product and marketing manager with over 10 years experience. Passionate about product design and incorporating design thinking to creative problem solving, and fuelled by the desire to create sustainable solutions that improve people's lives. Yair holds a Masters in Design Management (M.Des) and Bachelors in Product Design, both from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Déborah Cohen-Salmon
Junior Software Engineer 

Déborah has recently graduated in Computer Engineering from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During her studies she volunteered in different organizations that support and help people in need and provide them with useful tools to end the situation. She's passionate about technology and coding, especially when it has an impact on society and it delivers proficient solutions to improve people's lives.

Naomi Tsur
Strategic Advisor

Naomi Tsur is the founder and director of the Jerusalem Green Fund. Previously Naomi served as the Director of the Society for the Protection of Nature and as Coordinator of the Sustainable Jerusalem Coalition. Naomi served for 5 years as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem (2008-2013). Naomi currently chairs the Israel Urban Forum. Naomi has succeeded in leading diverse bottom-up environmental initiatives in and around Jerusalem.

Gittit Guberman
Business Mentor

Gittit holds extensive experience as CFO in hi-tech companies. Among Gittit's previous responsibilities are preparing financial statements, preparing for IPO in Nasdac, managing investor relations in Israeli public company and managing cash flows. Gittit serves as director on the board of a public company in TASE. Formerly, Gittit was a director on the Board of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and on the board of public companies in TASE and NASDAC and consultant in corporate and securities laws.

Eliedaat Adler
Data Science Advisor

Eliedaat Adler is a tech mentor with over 30-year experience in the software industry. A 18 year veteran of various video, security.  data and IoT projects at NDS and CISCO, her background also includes John Bryce Systems – a forerunner of Oracle Israel – in developing software solutions for many governmental organizations including ElAl, IAI, ZIM, Knesset. In her spare time, Eliedaat volunteers to mentor startups focusing on empowerment of women and social tech.  Ms. Adler holds a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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