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Lead the Technology Development at WaterComms

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Software & App Developer to Lead Technology Development at WaterComms – An Impact Startup in East African Water Management 

WaterComms' mission is to improve access to safe drinking water among underserved populations in developing countries, initially in East Africa. Through its Mobile Networking Platform – the WaterComms App – WaterComms will increase the accountability and efficiency of technical water services, thereby contributing to the long-term sustainability of drinking water facilities across the region.

The technology and service

The prototype of the WaterComms App will be an Android application and a web-administration program. It is also expected to be made accessible as an iOS application and via previous types of mobile-networks (e.g. via an automatic sms system). The WaterComms App is the first and basic product of WaterComms. 

The app will have three categories of key users: 1) Drinking Water Facility Owners; 2) Water Technicians; and 3) Technical Suppliers (of water-related technical items). These users will have different interfaces and functions on the WaterComms App, and they will be able to communicate and coordinate work and purchases via the app. The WaterComms App will be piloted in the coming months in Kenya.


We are looking for a highly skilled software and mobile applications developer to join our managing team and lead the (software) technology development at WaterComms. 

Contract and expectations

As WaterComms is an early-stage startup, we do not define many limiting conditions. The developer shall implement full-stack or deep back-end programming practices, and oversee the whole software-product development and maintenance process. The candidate we are seeking will be a member of the management team; therefore, high communication, management and team-work skills are essential. 


WaterComms is implementing intensive fundraising efforts towards the pilot and parallel to developing its product's prototype. As a result, all team members do not earn salaries yet. We are looking for candidates who are prepared to initially invest time in developing the WaterComms App prototype before receiving actual payment. Together with the chosen candidate, we will create a contract that will guarantee her/his rights and reward for the invested work and talent once WaterComms secures the funds. 


The candidate's previous experience is an advantage, but we are also considering the motivation for creating social impact, readiness to be flexible with the form of compensation for invested time and talent, and openness to experience this journey across cultures and continents together with us.


We are flexible about the place, time and number of hours put in by the chosen candidate, as long as the goals towards a pilot are effectively met. During the coming months we have the use of a daily work-place in an open-space office in Beit Alliance, Jerusalem. When funded, we see the developer working full-time and taking responsibility for an outsourced or in-house team of developers, according to the need, for further maintenance and development of WaterComms' software services.

How to apply:

As long as this call is available on our website – the position is open for candidates' applications.


Please send your CV to:


Please add in your e-mail a paragraph or two, shedding light on your motivation and what you hope to achieve with us.


Thank you and good luck! The WaterComms team.

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