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Hello Kisumu!

WaterComms is now launching our pilot project in Kisumu, Kenya!

Make maintenance easy Join us today!

Spare parts quality and availability

Accessing reliable water technicians 

Our pilot project is now taking place in Western Kenya, in Kisumu and Vihiga County. 

We operate a call-center and sms-system to make the connection between facility owners, technicians and suppliers much easier.

Kenya is a country with a population of almost 50 million in East Africa. Kenya is listed by the World Bank as a lower middle income country. In recent years Kenya has reached an economic growth that places it as one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa (5.8% in 2016, 4.8% in 2017). Kenya's climate is mostly semi-arid/arid, and the country is very prone to risks affiliated with climate change.
The Problem in Kenya

Creating a Marketplace for Maintenance of Water Facilities


 Drinking Water Facility Owner

Our call center will put you in contact with the best available technicians and suppliers.

The system will inform you about availability and price, as well as customer rating!

You'll be asked to give your feedback too.


Water Technician

Our call center receives service requests and will alert you when there is a call in your area.

Be a star! Remember that every customer will rate your service.


Technical Supplier

Reach more customers in your area through our call center.

Share your stock and prices to get picked by local technicians and earn high ranking.

Be part of our network and make safe water available for all!

Pilot Map.png


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