The MVP-Pilot Service Guidelines

User-Provider Relationship

Dear user,

WaterComms runs a pilot to test its basic service ("MVP-Pilot"). Users are invited to try the service and share their feedback for the benefit of all.

The MVP-Pilot service guidelines, user-provider relationship:

  1. WaterComms collects information shared by users but will not share it in association with specific users' names without their approval.

  2. Registered technical service providers (technicians and suppliers) agree that WaterComms will share their service-rankings with potential customers.

  3. During the MVP-Pilot WaterComms membership will be free of charge. We hold the right to change this in the future.

  4. During the MVP-Pilot, or until decided other way, WaterComms does not interfere nor does it play any role in the process of billing, enforcing payment and transferring money between its users, facility owners and technical service providers.

  5. Users commit to share their feedback openly and honestly about WaterComms' services and the technical service providers' services.

  6. WaterComms does not take responsibility for the code of conduct of its users: Technicians, Suppliers and Facility Owners.

  7. WaterComms is not liable nor does it take responsibility on the quality of work and equipment purchased from technical service providers.

  8. WaterComms is not liable nor does it play a role in enforcing payment by customers to technical service providers' services.

  9. WaterComms aspires to improve and perpetuate its service but preserves the right to stop it at any time without a previous notice.

  10. No employee-employer relationship is established between WaterComms and its users, technicians and suppliers. Users are not allowed to introduce themselves as WaterComms' employees or representatives.

  11. WaterComms preserves the right to expel users from its service without a previous notice or explanation. This shall help in preventing exploitation of the service by users who might lie and/or commit crimes against other users or against WaterComms.

Yuval Ziv and WaterComms Team

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