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Promoting Entrepreneurship
and Collaboration

Entrepreneurial approach is essential in directing complex systems to a sustainable track. If we want to improve our economies, our cities, our institutions and businesses, we have to integrate entrepreneurship.

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The background of initiating and leading a social impact startup is a cornerstone of Yuval's experience.

WaterComms' Water System Network,
a hybrid human-technological model, was piloted in Kisumu, Kenya, in 2019

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Initiating Collaborations

Bringing people and institutions to work together is an outstanding ability of Yuval. In an interconnected world, with a booming population and multiple challenges related to our economies, sustainability, cultures and governance
- collaboration is a must.


Innovation Strategy

Innovation starts with a concrete challenge and with the ability to imagine a better future. Creativity and knowledge are harnessed and fused together to achieve a shared vision.

Sensitivity to cultural views, priorities and motivations is a key.

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