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Intercultural Community

Individuals, groups, institutions, countries and cultures - we are different.
We, humans, became so many, and the world became extremely interconnected.
So much, that we cannot avoid influencing each-other, and therefore working together.
Here's how it touches Yuval personally.

Water Spring in Busia County, Kenya

Curiosity, the willingness and the ability to listen, observe and engage, pave the way for cultural sensitivity and collaborativity. These qualities, along with the joy of getting to know new people, and bring different people together for a shared cause, make WaterComms and Yuval capable of envisioning and leading intercultural work and strategies.

The story behind it has several milestones and goes back to the childhood in Jerusalem. Joining a school who set a goal of bringing children of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds together, has planted the first seeds.


The hunger to get to know the world, trying to understand its ways, brought Yuval to study international relations for bachelor, while also practicing theater and learning German. The study of M.Sc. Integrated Natural Resource Management in Berlin, made the awareness to Europe, as well as to developing economies and their unique challenges, profound.

The professional career that started with water and wastewater treatment, brought Yuval to explore the challenge of water management in Kenya, visiting several times and piloting locally, while enduring lively connections to this day.


The Arabic language is also a challenge Yuval has taken on, with the motivation to lead collaborations, and find pathways for sustainable peace. Being the lead member of the Jerusalem Innovation District planning team has provided a great opportunity to learn more about East Jerusalem and the challenges of collaboration and innovation in this unique and challenging city.

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