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Let's make it sustainable

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Sustainability Projects

Good people, aspirable goals

Projects in sustainability are always interdisciplinary and require combined understanding and professional approach that encapsulate:

  • Basic approach and understanding of the specific sector (water, energy, agriculture, etc.) - and moreover - the ability to ask the right questions

  • Joyful and integrative approach to people. Successful projects are collaborative, they involve all professional levels and make room to good ideas

  • Initiated by vision, elevated by practicality and usability. Sustainability projects are driven by a wider vision, but they should be anchored by realistic plan

How it looks in real life

Here are some examples of WaterComms' and Yuval's previous work, demonstrating an healthy balance of vision and practical approach

Institutional Sustainability

Institutional Sustainability

Working with institutions to envision, declare, build a strategy and implement their sustainability projects.

- - -

Currently Yuval leads the emission reduction project for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Implemented through its Center for Sustainability, this interdisciplinary and cross-departmental project takes the operation of the Hebrew University's campuses to a higher sustainability standard, ensuring long-term savings and a committed leadership.

Focus Group Discussion

Collaboration in Sustainability

Either neighboring or remote, organizations achieve more through collaboration under a shared vision.

- - -

Yuval has laid the foundations for a fruitful inter-institutional collaboration in the planning phase of the Jerusalem Innovation District. Encouraging a meaningful commitment to the city's community and environment, Yuval worked with the partners to identify R&D core themes. The work has also included a newly developed approach to enhance innovation in East Jerusalem.

Wastewater Treatment

Sector's Sustainability

Taking the work within a specific industrial / business sector to a higher level of operation and commitment.

- - -

While Israel is known to be the champion of treated wastewater reuse, the daily management of the facilities tend to be less glamorous. The facility operators are often deprived of sufficient training and constructive managerial approach. Yuval's work with a leading wastewater treatment firm in Israel provided a framework for a better organizational culture and excellent management tools.

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